Metro United Way invests in solutions for systematic issues, commits to new priorities and focuses on equity for all

Today, Metro United Way is no longer a community chest pass-through organization but is one that strategically invests in solutions to persistent and systemic issues to help our community achieve better outcomes. More than a funding source, Metro United Way supercharges organizations through capacity building, resources, training, mental health supports, public policy collaboration and more.

Republic Bank and Metro United Way, both local organizations, are joined by their passion for making the Greater Louisville region equitable and strong. Both have long histories of serving our community—particularly in underserved areas—and want to make sure where we live is a better place for all.

This year’s Metro United Way campaign focuses on three priorities – thriving kids, strong households and an equitable community. There’s nothing more important than ensuring that our children have what they need to thrive. When we have strong households, we create pathways out of poverty to prosperity which is a win for us all. And we envision Greater Louisville as a place where zip code doesn’t determine destiny and everyone has the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

Metro United Way is investing in more nonprofits than ever before during its 100+ year history – many “legacy” partners and new, grassroots partners that are doing innovative things to make transformational, lasting change – change that we all know we need. Metro United Way currently invests in 174 organizations and the incredible work that they do through a variety of vehicles, initiatives and partnerships. This includes providing homeownership support, financial coaching, workforce training, basic needs and safety net services, youth-serving programs, a new initiative called Black L.O.V.E., preventing homelessness and school instability, empowering neighborhoods, public policy efforts and so much more. Republic Bank supports Metro United Way’s inspirational work and its steadfast commitment to improving the quality of life for those in need.

Metro United Way leads a collaboration of 100+ partners to help prepare our youngest for kindergarten. Resources include free online tools for parents to ensure their kids are developing from birth – age 5. More than 500 partners on a cross-sector technology platform help individuals receive wrap-around services. The organization recently launched an innovative program called FundBLACKFounders that invests in under-resourced entrepreneurs and already can show fantastic results and stories from this.

As always, Metro United Way’s 24/7 “2-1-1” helpline is a source of comfort and reassurance for those who need support with food, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and employment.

There are myriad of worthy causes in our community and only the Metro United Way positively impacts almost all of them. The strength of our society lies in how we treat each other. To learn more, visit

Dixie Pichel
Metro United Way Campaign Co-Chair
Logan Pichel
President & Chief Executive Officer
Republic Bank
Metro United Way Campaign Co-Chair

Adria Johnson
President & Chief Executive Officer
Metro United Way




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