Farmers Feeding Families

Started in 2017, Farmers Feeding Families connects local farmers and the larger agricultural community of Shelby County to opportunities that meet food insecurity needs in the county. According to recent reports, 11.5% of the community struggled with food insecurity at the time this innovative program began. Since the global pandemic started in 2020, Shelby County has seen that number rise to 15%, and the problem extends further for the population under the age of 18.

Through Farmers Feeding Families, Metro United Way is able to reduce hunger and its associated health issues in our community. We can’t do this alone and are looking for farmers and landowners to partner with us.

Open Monday, March 13 - Friday, March 31, 2023

Farmers Feeding Families

Request for Proposals

In this particular Request for Proposals, we seek to identify community programs and services that increase access to food and combat food insecurity in Shelby County. Our goal is to ensure that individuals are able to live healthy lives free from hunger and its associated health issues and move more freely toward self-sufficiency with this barrier removed.

Get Involved

  • Crop Donations

    Farmers may donate to Farmers Feeding Families through the sale of product at market. Proceeds are then distributed to local feeding programs in the community.  Whether by selecting a designated number of acres of farmland or a percentage of proceeds from the sale of product, this is one way for local farmers to get involved. Donations of grain may be made to either Consolidated Grain & Barge (Louisville) or Bagdad Roller Mills (Shelby County). When delivering grain to the either of the two locations, please specify how much they would like to contribute to Farmers Feeding Families.

  • Livestock Donations

    Farmers may donate livestock. If needed, Farmers Feeding Families volunteers will arrange the pick up and processing of the livestock. Protein donations are them distributed to local feeding programs in the community.

  • Direct Financial Contributions

    Make a direct financial contribution to Farmers Feeding Families.

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*Tax-deductible letters are provided for both crop and livestock donations.

Impact To Date

  • As of 2021, approximately 75,000 meals have been provided through feeding programs thanks to Farmers Feeding Families.

  • Since 2019, almost $84,000 has been raised to support 7 different feeding programs across Shelby County.

  • Metro United Way is on target to distribute an additional $50,000 in funding to fighting food insecurity in Shelby County in 2023.

Addressing food insecurity

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