Metro United Way fights for equity and opportunity for all people in our seven-county region. We can only achieve this reality if all of our community members—especially our future leaders—are equipped and empowered to engage in candid conversations about race, ethnic identity, and justice. We cannot begin to address the profound education and wealth gaps in our community until we all understand the disparate paths policy paved to construct them and, together, commit to closing them. ​We all deserve an honest education about race in this country, and we know this learning helps us grow stronger, more united, and more able to achieve the promise of liberty and justice for all.

Together we begin overcoming challenges by having honest and courageous conversations about them. This is why Metro United Way offers Racial Wealth Gap Simulations, taking people and organizations on a journey to wealth building in America, pausing on 13 federal policies that most powerfully accelerated or impeded progress based on race. From land seizures to social security to the G.I. Bill to the War on Drugs, we discuss the racialized outcomes of laws that determine access to opportunity, resources, and power.

Systemic racism is real. This experience is an exploration of it. ​​And we invite you to join us in a safe, confidential, constructive, and engaging space to help elevate the conversation around racial equity. To participate in our upcoming Racial Wealth Gap Simulation on February 21, register HERE.


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