Lynn Armstrong Employee Spotlight

Working at Metro United Way

Metro United Way Employee Spotlight: Lynn Armstrong

Lynn Armstrong, Central Services Assistant

Describe what you do at Metro United Way:Lynn Armstrong
I like to call myself the "Director of First Impressions." I’m the voice you hear when you call Metro United Way and I’m the first person you see entering our building. Being a people person is vital to our success. Many of the tasks I perform include assisting volunteers, vendors and tenants, scheduling meeting rooms, assisting walk-ins, and sometimes troubleshooting day-to-day issues as part of our MUW team. Oh, and so much more!  


What makes Metro United Way stand out as an employer?

I could talk about our work in the community, which I love and support. But for me, personally, I love my MUW family because we truly are a family. We love and support each other through the good and bad times. MUW allows me to deal with life as it is happens.

I also love that when an unfortunate tragedy strikes our community, we come together to assist our neighbors in need.


What are some of the highlights in working for Metro United Way?

We work hard, and play harder. I love our monthly “Marketing Socials,” where for one hour per month, we get together to unwind. Also, our very own Internal Campaign fundraising competitions ROCK! Another perk when working for MUW is the flexibility. This flexibility allows me to balance work and family, which was a true blessing when my children were in school. However, one of the best highlights would be when someone you have helped comes back to thank you in person; they tell you how you helped change their life. That experience will melt your heart. 


What has been your biggest accomplishment during your time so far at Metro United Way?

This is a tough question. I haven’t created a spectacular tool we use in our day-to-day work, nor have I created a new innovative way to help with day-to-day functions. I have tweaked a few processes, but what I have created is a welcoming environment at Metro United Way, and for that I’m proud.


How do you view your role in our community?

I love the work we are currently involved in and where we are headed for the future. In my current position with MUW, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that folks get connected to the right person to assist with their needs. These include someone looking for shelter, assistance with an electric bill, a volunteer opportunity, vendor meetings with staff, or an important call for our President and CEO Joe Tolan, right down to the sweet elderly woman looking for a social club to join because she is bored. I want their experience with MUW to be an awesome one, every time. 

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