Real People, Real Stories

  • Mission Moment Monday | Keni Brown

    United Community is a new initiative at Metro United Way that links information across health, [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday – Danielle Savick & Diane Nelson

    Right here in Louisville, Kentucky is a world-renowned preschool for children who are visually [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday – Dr. Felicia Cumings Smith

    When we can get kids off to a good start, it allows them to build up a head of steam so that [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday – Jamon Brown

    Jamon Brown grew up in Louisville’s West End, played football at UofL and is now with the [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday – Kenny Hilpp and Mark Swift

    In this Mission Moment Monday video, hear from two volunteers who spend time volunteering EVERY [...]

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  • Mission Moment Monday – Melinda Dennis

    Financial empowerment programs = change lives forever. W-A-T-C-H Melinda Dennis’ powerful [...]

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  • Brandon and Mark: More Money, No Stress at Tax Time

    Each year thousands of dollars are left on the table because individuals and families don’t [...]

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  • Day of Action 2018

    On September 21, 2018, the Metro United Way team led more than 500 volunteers, with 30 [...]

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