Real People, Real Stories

  • 20,000+ Books to Kids and Families

    We know that a quality education has a powerful effect on the long-term success of our [...]

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  • Opening the Doors of Opportunity through Financial Stability

    This month, Bank On Louisville, a collaborative effort to strengthen our community’s [...]

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  • Restoring Hope for the Future

    When families are stable, our community is stronger. One way that Metro United Way helps [...]

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  • Helping Families During Tax Season

    For children to be successful, their families must be strong, and financial stability is an [...]

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  • Moving Families from Crisis to Long-Term Stability

    When families are stable, our community is stronger and everyone wins. One way that Metro [...]

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  • Empowering Social Service Providers With Financial Stability

    At Metro United Way, we know that financial stability, along with education and healthy lives, [...]

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  • Parkland Boys and Girls Garden Club

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away… We all know the idioms and we’ve all been told that [...]

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  • A Healthy Beginning: Strategies and Approaches

    Even if a child is born healthy, the high cost of health care and baby supplies means that one [...]

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