Real People, Real Stories

We have the power to create the world we want to see. The world we want our children to grow up in. And it all begins with you — us, working together to build community. Because our lives are inescapably intertwined, what impacts your life will surely impact mine. Together the people have the power. And it all starts with one — one person, one dream, one dollar, one act can be the catalyst to change a community.

It all starts with you and us — united.

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  • Preschool Teacher Inspired by Learning

    At Metro United Way’s Excellence Academy early learning centers, we’re committed to [...]

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  • The ART of Learning

    Influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, Metro United Way’s [...]

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  • Fostering a Love of Learning

    At our Excellence Academy early learning centers, we promote a love of learning among our [...]

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  • New Adventures. New Learnings.

    Rolling down a hill without a care in the world is a popular childhood memory for many of us. [...]

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  • No More Perfect Bulletin Boards In This Classroom!

    Stacey Pierce owns and operates A+ Academy, a licensed child care home in New Albany, and is [...]

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  • Tracking Progress, Creating Success

    Do you ever wonder how your child is doing during the work day? Are they building with blocks, [...]

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  • Excellence Academy – A New Beginning

    Recently, Metro United Way’s Excellence Academy early learning program – developed [...]

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  • Classrooms Inspire Children to Learn!

    According to research, an important aspect of any early childhood learning program is creating [...]

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