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We have the power to create the world we want to see. The world we want our children to grow up in. And it all begins with you — us, working together to build community. Because our lives are inescapably intertwined, what impacts your life will surely impact mine. Together the people have the power. And it all starts with one — one person, one dream, one dollar, one act can be the catalyst to change a community.

It all starts with you and us — united.

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  • Excellence Academy – A New Beginning

    Recently, Metro United Way’s Excellence Academy early learning program – developed [...]

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  • Classrooms Inspire Children to Learn!

    According to research, an important aspect of any early childhood learning program is creating [...]

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  • Meeting Children Where They Are

    Research shows that early childhood education is not just about teaching, but also about [...]

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  • ASQ Parent Network Celebrates Kwanzaa

    We know that when families and neighborhoods engage in education, our kids are better prepared [...]

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  • Make Sure Your Kids Have The Early Skills They Need To Succeed

    Learning begins at birth—and from these first days of life, children begin using their bodies [...]

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  • Sapphire’s Story: A Trusted Advocate for Single Parents

    Sapphire has been a single mom all of her adult life raising four daughters, fourteen grandkids [...]

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  • LaiEsha’s Story: Powerful Parenting Resources through ASQ Network

    LaiEsha Allen and her husband are always looking for extra experiences and resources that will [...]

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  • Healthy Eating Is A Foundation For Success

    One of the easiest ways to set your child’s foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating [...]

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