Real People, Real Stories

We have the power to create the world we want to see. The world we want our children to grow up in. And it all begins with you — us, working together to build community. Because our lives are inescapably intertwined, what impacts your life will surely impact mine. Together the people have the power. And it all starts with one — one person, one dream, one dollar, one act can be the catalyst to change a community.

It all starts with you and us — united.

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  • Charles’ Story: Encouraging Kids to be “Active Constructors”

    This past year Jefferson Technical and Community College Child Care (JCTC) joined the [...]

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  • A Natural Way To Learn through Play

    A child’s imagination flourishes when they have access to a natural, outdoor play space [...]

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  • Creating a Successful Transition to Kindergarten

    “I chose for our school to partner with the Ready for K Alliance so that we are able to [...]

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  • I’m Tyler and I’m Ready for Kindergarten!

    At only five years of age, Tyler is so happy and full of energy you wouldn’t believe the [...]

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  • How This Free Online Tool Helped Save David’s Life

    Nearly a decade ago a Bullitt County mother, Donna, was concerned about her 18-month-old [...]

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