United Against Human Trafficking

In partnership with UPS and United Way Worldwide, Metro United Way is collaborating on a broad effort to root out human trafficking.

The Issue

Human trafficking is a fast-growing criminal enterprise that encompasses various forms of labor trafficking, sex trafficking and child exploitation. While illegal in all 50 states, it continues to occur in communities all across the country – including our own.


  • Over 40 million people globally are currently trapped in a situation of human trafficking or modern day slavery

  • One in four human trafficking victims are children

  • In 2019 alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline received 400 contacts regarding alleged human trafficking in Kentucky – 136 total trafficking cases were reported involving over 300 victims and survivors

  • Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has identified over 700 total trafficking cases in Kentucky

Metro United Way’s Role

Metro United Way is working with community leaders and existing anti-trafficking groups to map out the full range of programs and strategies needed to combat human trafficking in our community, including services currently available to survivors, and determining gaps in access to programs or services that address their needs.

A complete landscape analysis of the current state of human trafficking and anti-trafficking efforts in our local community was recently completed. This report takes a deep dive into existing statewide legislation, known literature on the subject, and local qualitative analysis including key informant interviews, surveys and focus groups comprised of a wide cross-section of individuals across multiple sectors in our community. In all, over 200 people and nearly 40 organizations contributed to the research. The full report can be found HERE. A summary of report findings can be found HERE.

Project Goals

Through this comprehensive landscape analysis, Metro United Way identified gaps and areas of need within our community’s current anti-trafficking safety net of services related to prevention and survivor supports. Our goals are three-fold:

  • Leverage this report is to raise awareness about this issue and spur community dialogue around causes and solutions
  • Direct resources to areas of greatest needs, including supports for human trafficking survivors
  • Strengthen our community’s social safety net by facilitating more efficient and effective connections of survivors to the supports they need through the United Community platform

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For more information about the United Against Human Trafficking effort, contact Angie Ditsler at angela.ditsler@metrounitedway.org


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