Youth Success

Co-creating equitable outcomes for all youth in our seven-county region.

Metro United Way is prioritizing educational attainment for school-age youth by focusing on three sectors: school, home, and community. We employ innovative tools and strategies that rely heavily on cross-sector partnerships to build healthy systems of support for youth and their families – especially those that have been underserved or not afforded the same opportunities.

Our strategies include:

  • ACADEMIC SUPPORTS to out-of-school time programs

    • Bridgeway tutoring initiative which curates learning activities that bridge the gaps in learning
    • Access to a trauma-informed learning curriculum called the Mindful Literacy Project through a partnership with local organization I Would Rather Be Reading

    to community-based youth success network of more than 65 organizations. This diverse group of providers are committed to high-quality learning and skill-building experiences and developing high-quality youth workers.


    opportunities for youth workers. We provide support research-based and certified national and regional conferences and workshops, and host facilitators for current issues, needs, and topics in Youth Development.


    to youth programs including:

    • Program quality coaching
    • Access to research-based data tools that build staff knowledge and measure quality learning experiences and social emotional growth
    • Grant development and grant writing supports through a partnership with the Buttafly Group
    • Mental health supports such as Sister Circle – a facilitated support group for women of color youth workers – and access to individualized EAP services for youth workers via certified mental health professionals

Our Partners


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