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What is LINC?

October 19, 2016

Tiara Volpe

MRI Technologist
Jewish Medical Center East



What is LINC? This is the question that came to mind when I was invited to the LINC event at Copper and King's Distillery in November 2015. While the acronym stands for Lead. Impact. Network. Change., it was not until I attended the LINC event that I truly understood what it meant. It's an ambitious endeavor calling on young professionals to first understand the needs of our community and then band together to enact change.

There is so much to love about LINC events. Every one that I have attended has an incredibly fun atmosphere that sets the stage for young professionals to network in a relaxed environment. The events are free and attendees can enjoy complimentary cocktails and appetizers. The best part is seeing so many wonderful people coming together to serve our community and have a great time while we're at it!

LINC_RecipeForSuccess.jpgAt The Green Building in May, we assembled 2,500 kindergarten readiness kits for children throughout Kentuckiana. This was one of my favorite events because helping so many children get ready for kindergarten provided a huge sense of accomplishment. This initiative is extremely important because when children aren't ready to learn on their first day of kindergarten, they quickly fall behind their peers, and tend to stay behind. Children who aren't on grade level by third grade are more likely to end up incarcerated or on welfare as adults. Kindergarten readiness kits help combat this cycle of poverty, which uplifts our entire community.

The LINC event at Copper and King's distillery was another one of my favorites because I had so much fun! After packaging clay to facilitate learning for children in Metro United Way's Excellence Academy Early Learning Centers, my friends and I enjoyed appetizers and cocktails on a complimentary tour through the distillery. We had the opportunity to catch up with old friends, while meeting new ones.

LINC_Launch_Group.jpgLINC truly met all of its objectives. The events re-introduced me to the mission of Metro United Way, with which I fell in love and prompted my further involvement with the organization. It led me down the path to joining Metro United Way's Community Impact Cabinet.

I relished the positive Impact that the events allowed me to make, along with the networking opportunities they provided. At one such event, I had a chance meeting with an old friend who introduced me to the idea of pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Less than one year later, I am an MBA candidate at the University of Louisville. In the end, as I set out to enact change in children's lives through LINC, LINC changed my life to include graduate school and increased community involvement.


To find out more about LINC, see pics from past events and learn about any upcoming events, visit metrounitedway.org/LINC or contact mandy.simpson@metrounitedway.org

Tiara Volpe is a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and works as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologist at Jewish Medical Center East. Her career in healthcare began in May of 2009 when she was employed as a student x-ray technologist. In December of 2009, she was promoted to staff x-ray technologist upon receiving her A.S. in Radiologic Technology from Spencerian College. She then pursued a secondary license in magnetic resonance imaging, which allowed her to transfer to the MRI department. While working full-time as an MRI technologist, she received her B.A. in Healthcare Management and Administration from Ottawa University in May of 2015. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Louisville. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering, hiking, and traveling. Tiara lives in Louisville with her husband Anthony and their two dogs Vinni and Sofia. To learn more about Tiara, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiara-volpe-rt-r-mr-6470a090