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Volunteer this Holiday Season - to Help Others and Yourself Too!

November 28, 2016

The holiday season is here - and with it are opportunities to spend time with family, take days off work and, often, a greater sense of wanting to help those in need. So the holidays should be a great time to volunteer, right?

Actually, volunteering ANY time of year is a great idea and makes its biggest impact year round. But, if you are motivated to volunteer this holiday season, we have a list of great opportunities for you to give back to kids and families in our community - HOLIDAY VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES

Of course, volunteering offers vital help to those in need. But, there are benefits to the volunteer as well. It's a fact that that volunteering can help reduce stress, combat depression and provide a sense of purpose - improving overall health and happiness.

If the holidays come and go and you still want to do more to help improve lives and our community, SIGN-UP to be a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor. Helping a child stay in school and on track to graduate high school on time will make a difference - for many holidays to come!