Kindergarten Readiness


Creating Remarkable
Change in Kids

At Keystone Learning Academy, one of seven Excellence Academy early learning centers, Director Sharon Hemingway has noticed a remarkable change in the kids. The atmosphere in the classroom is now so much more peaceful, calm and conducive to learning...

High School Graduation


These Students Are College
and Career Ready

This past year in Southern Indiana, we had the opportunity to be part of a brand new College and Career Readiness Initiative being implemented in the Greater Clark School System...

Health and Well Being


Healthy Eating a Building Block for Success

For some students when the school doors close, they struggle to access educational opportunities and basic needs such as healthy meals and living...

Family Stability


More than 400 yard signs were placed in the Park Hill, Algonquin and Old Louisville neighborhoods with an invaluable message: Parents Matter. Attendance Works.

Our Vision: A Community Whose People Achieve Their Fullest Potential Through Education, Financial Stability And Healthy Lives.
Our Mission: Improve Lives and Our Community by Engaging People to Give, Advocate and Volunteer.
Live United: It's A Credo. A Mission. A Goal.
A constant reminder that when we ensure everyone achieves their fullest potential, we improve our community. We help our children succeed in school. We build the strength of our neighborhoods. We bolster the health of our communities. And we change the lives of those who walk by us every day by engaging people to give, advocate and volunteer.
Live United in Action

Metro United Way's 2-1-1 help referral service is celebrating its ninth anniversary! Over 500,000 people in our community have used the 2-1-1 service in those nine years, providing a number to call when you don't know who to call.

Research proves that caring volunteers working with students of all ages have the power to help put young people on track to graduate high school! Sign-up to volunteer to read, tutor or mentor a child in our community here!

From the Live United Blog

Leading up to becoming a father nine months ago, it seemed that everyone had tips, advice and words of wisdom. I accepted these with the full knowledge that until I was a father, I wouldn't truly know what I was in for. And understandably, that led to a lot of nervous excitement. Similarly, I started my job at Metro United Way in July of 2014 without truly knowing what I was in for. Until I immersed myself in the crucial work of MUW, I didn't truly understand what changing the odds for our kids and families meant. I also didn't realize that having a baby and working at Metro United Way would create such a profound connection to and passion for the work...

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