GIVING TUESDAY - November 28, 2023

This Giving Tuesday we’re focusing on providing children and youth in our seven-county region with what they need to thrive. Whether it’s space in a high-quality preschool or opportunities to engage in activities outside of the classroom, we work to ensure that starting at birth, kids and families have the tools and resources to succeed in school and life, helping them not only survive, but thrive.

This Giving Tuesday, help us:

  • Build and provide beds for kids who need them.
  • Provide books to families that are not close to public libraries or have children at home who are at risk of falling behind in school.
  • Ensure youth-serving organization leaders and employees receive mental health supports.
  • Provide families with free developmental screening for their children aged newborn – five years old to help prepare them for kindergarten.

The Need



40th in the country for child well-being 

42nd in family and community factors 

22% of children live in poverty 

60% of 3 and 4-year-olds not in preschool 

44% of children enter kindergarten ready to learn (42.8% in Jefferson County)

The child care system in Jefferson County lacks space for an estimated 4,759 children whose families want care​

An average of 1,177 children are born with low birthweights each year in Jefferson County which means higher chances of health conditions later in life

Jefferson County has an average of 1,634 annual births to mothers without a high school education


24th in the country for child well-being 

31st in family and community factors 

16% of children live in poverty 

60% of 3 and 4-year-olds not in preschool 

67% of fourth graders not proficient in reading 


Sources: 2023 Kids Count Data Book,, JCPS Brigance, Louisville Metro Public Health, 2021 U.S. Census American Community Survey, MUW data analysis

Here are some of the proven, long-standing programs and initiatives as well as innovative solutions that we work together on every day.

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