Imagine your favorite organizations and you all working together

Metro United Way not only helps to fund our area’s charitable organizations, we also work with government agencies and the community at-large, supporting them all with data, matching volunteers with volunteer opportunities, and mobilizing resources when and where they're needed. Like an orchestra’s conductor, we ensure we’re all playing the same tune.

Plan and Prepare

Seldom does anything worthwhile happen without meticulous planning and without goals. Breaking the cycle of poverty is no different. That’s our long-term goal, but until that goal is realized, we’re making sure people have what they need to survive today.

First we organize then we mobilize

We know the needs of our communities as well as anyone, and we put unique programs into place to address the unique needs of each neighborhood.

Featured Program

Read, Tutor, Mentor

Research proves that caring volunteers working with students of all ages have the power to help kids boost academic achievement and put young people on track to enter kindergarten ready to learn and to graduate high school on time.

Agency Allies

We're building a better community together.

Things We Fight For


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